6 Kitchenette Ideas That Are Perfect for Big or Small Spaces

Who says bigger is always better? Whether you prefer your cooking space modern or boho-chic, these kitchenette ideas are sure to inspire.

Airy and Rustic

This little kitchenette is a breath of fresh air that fits snugly into a small multifunction room. Striped fabrics, wooden flooring, and bright touches hint at a nautical feel and tie all of the different functions together. In a kitchenette lacking natural light, crisp white walls help exude a daylight feel when paired with strategically placed lighting.

Rich and Elegant

A kitchenette is often imagined as a quaint, cozy space, but not all kitchenettes are farmhouse-ready. For swanky, high-rise living, a kitchenette can be transformed into a luxurious and elegant space. Peacock-colored tiles adorn the backsplash above a white countertop, which adds a brilliant pop of color among dark wood cabinetry.

Clean and Simple

Even a tiny kitchenette design can appear open and inviting. White walls and breezy white subway tile are the makings of a welcoming, fresh-feeling space. The black accessories and fixtures combined with lighter colored wooden accessories and countertops gives this kitchenette a blend of modern and rustic styling.

Basement Kitchenette

A finished basement kitchenette is a perfect for those who love to entertain. This wet bar kitchenette has all the fixings for entertaining a small party of guests. Juxtaposing the brightness of the rest of the space, the area features wooden cabinetry and open shelving, which pair swimmingly with sparkling subway tile in varying shades of green.

Front and Center

A kitchen can be an inviting space with or without luxurious touches. For the host who loves the party to surround them, install an island that offers space for family and guests to crowd the area without getting in the chef’s way. Among kitchen remodel ideas, this option includes dark cabinetry to ground the space within the sea of white that surrounds it from floor to ceiling.

Scandinavian Style

Small kitchen ideas like this one offer ways to make a functional cozy kitchen in a tiny space. This kitchenette uses the length of the room, and adds a small dining table. While it may be lacking in width, the long countertop allows for enough room to prep and cook on the left, and plenty of room to dine down the line. The Scandinavian style combines natural, warm touches in a bright, clean area.


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